A Predictable Conglomeration of Doom & Gloom

When markets look bleakest and bulls are about as common as spotting a Florida panther on South Beach there is often a predictable line of perma-bears and doom & gloomers who trot out their latest forecasts of doom and Dow 4,000 price targets – case in point this morning:

1. Richard Russell: “the bear market goes on. I’m afraid it has a long way to go.”

2. Gary Shilling: S&P 800

3. El-Erian:  “investors should be concerned with the return of their money and not just the return on their money.”

4. FT: “Europe needs its ‘Lehman moment’ ”

5. Der Spiegel: “Big Investors Don’t Know Where to Put Their Cash” 

Please provide additional examples in the comments section


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